Dothan Behavioral Medicine Clinic

COVID 19 & Patients

Dothan Behavioral Medicine Clinic

Very important Information for our patients due to the COVID-1

DBMC will not stop serving our patients, but we will do it in a way that protects them and our staff.

Your health, safety, and security are paramount and ever-present on the minds of our staff and clinicians.

In view of current and trending developments in the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and consistent with local/state/federal guidance, DBMC is suspending face-to-face operations effective immediately and remaining in effect until further guidance is disseminated. But we are implementing a Contingency Plan which will allow DBMC to continue to evaluate and treat new and existing patients.

1. External visits are prohibited except for pharmacy, research, neuroleptic injections and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

2. Patients will be served 5 days a week via telephone by MDs, and nurse practitioners.

3. Phone encounters will be reimbursed by BC/BS of Alabama, Medicare, UHC, CIGNA and Aetna. We will still have encounters with Medicaid, Tricare patients.

4. You will get a call from our staff (Clinic and Therapy) to your registered phone number at the time of your appointment.

5. Then the call will be transferred to the nurse or assessment specialist.

6. The physician or nurse practitioner will join the call with the nurse or assessment specialist to talk you.

7. If you are having a therapy session, the receptionist who called you will transfer the call to your therapist to start your session.

8. Your prescriptions will be sent electronically as usual if they are not controlled substances.

9. Controlled substances will be mailed to patients who live far from Dothan. Houston County residents will pick up their prescriptions at our pharmacy which will be open.

10. After your therapy session or your evaluation/med check is completed, you will be transferred to the receptionist who will schedule your next appointment.

11. If you don’t have an appointment, but need a refill or a Prior Authorization, you must call 334-702-7222 extension 208 and leave a message. You will be called back within the same day.

12. If you have questions about symptoms improvement or side effects, please call 334-702-7222 extension 205 and leave a message. You will be called back within the same day.

Please understand that these are difficult times for all of us and that we need to adapt to the challenge.